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An amazing multiplayer game Fun Run 2

Fun Run game was a very interesting game of it’s type. Now, Fun Run 2 comes back with all new graphics and levels and swag. This is a random or online multiplayer game where player can compete from worldwide that means any player can compete from any where in the world. You can also complete with your own friends and family members.
This game is all about funniest and cutest creature from the jungle for racing. You need to select one creature to participate in the racing. Where you need to finish race before your friends to win the race. This is really an amazing real time online racing game.

Fun Run 2 is almost like it’s first game Fun Run with all new kind of levels. In this game 4 player can participate a once for a race from anywhere in the world. When the game started, player start getting item randomly which van boost your speed or slow you down either. There are a lot of attacking item exist in the ways and you need to avoid them to maintain your speed.

fun run 2

You will also attacked by other player and will try to slow you down to stay on the top position. In the starting you will have some item in the left box and you can use them one by one to slow down other player in the race. In the game stay on the top is not easy thing. In the ways you will have to face some kind of blades, dodge light and also you need jump and survive from the beer trap.

If you want to keep your top position you need to learn and use items those you got at the starting. Those can help you to crush your other player in the game and make them slow. There are some cool power- ups that will help you to stay on the top make you win the race. but, some power-ups are similar as was in Fun Run. The power-up like teleports which will help you to get closer to next player in the way a little faster. Another power-up is rocket or jet pack which will accelerate your speed and also helps you to climb easily. If you want to make your gameplay even better and more exciting you can add some extra coins using fun run 2 hack.

Another power-up is blade which you can use for crush your player who are forward or backward. There is single disadvantage of blade that is you can also get crash with your own or other player’s blade. One of the cool power-up is magnet which attract other forward player and make you closer to them if you are not on the top position. A new power up is gun which is really cool and will shoot a player that will targeted by you. This power-up will give you option to select a player to shoot. There really a power-up which is cooler than other is lightening. This power-up will allow you to boost your speed and avoid other obstacles in the ways.

Fun Run 2 also has prize award after every race, daily prize reward and weekly prize rewards. Player can earn more and more prize according to their positing after the race. At end of the week top player will get gold skin for the character of the Fox. And, other player will get coins according to their position.

Fun Run 2 has a feature where player can choose their favorite skin for his character also can add other feature like different kind of glasses, masks, shoes, gold chains, skates, helmets and much more. This game also has a feature of host their own game so they can play with their own friends. You got also some templates so you can show your emotion after the race. You can connect with your facebook account in order to get some extra coins. You got many racing venue to choose with the help of voting. Player can choose different animal character for the particular race.

Fun Run 2 really have amazing graphic in comparison to Fun Run which makes it more interesting. Game quality is just amazing and very smoothly runs. All level are designed really well with necessary details. All level are completely different to one another. The gore and blood are main factor of this game. The game really has quality colors and background. The background changes in the all levels with different structure. These all things make this game more interesting to play.